Monday, January 01, 2007

Jump in the frozen lake? No I have a heart condition

Well I do. Yeah, sometimes life gives you the right excuse at the perfect time. I am so not about jumping into a frozen lake with 400 of my best friends. Trimama says she did it last year to prepare herself for the mental testing of Ironman. I think my training (based on doc's approval) will have lots of testing, so frozen lakes can wait.

I see the cardiologist tomorrow, hopefully I get good news and can begin my training for Wildflower the day after. I'm going to get more regular in posting (no that's not a new years resolution) because I want to track my training and follow my fellow flower heads.

Man I've been tired lately! I've been debating going off caffeine for quite some time, and this whole atrial fib thing has caused me to eliminate all caffeine and most alcohol for awhile.

Saturday-Blinding, I mean excruciating headache and slept for almost 2 hours during the day

Sunday-no headache just slept 3.5 hours during the day!!!

Monday-still no headache 2.5 hour nap (just got up)

It is amazing how badly addicted I was the this stuff. My body is clearly needing all of this rest. In fact I've never felt so relaxed and restful.

I learned a ton of info stuff over at how stuff about how caffeine effects the body. Check it out.

Well off to see freinds for a new years day party, after which I'll probably need 14 hours of sleep!

Tac out


Shelley said...

Congrats on kicking the habit, hope everything works out for you at the Doc's.

ironjenny said...

Hey, Buddy - great seeing you today. Good luck at the doctor's office tomorrow - I will be thinking about you.
I know you said lots of people live with this condition, which is actually pretty comforting to know.
Ask him why you are just now noticing it.
Happy New Year - I love you guys!

Wendy said...

I'll be thinking of you today ...

walchka said...

Caffeine is a hard one to kick. Keep up the good work Tac!

TxSkatemom said...

hope you get good news at the doc's today. I'll be praying for you and TriMama and the tribe.

Susan Oseen said...

Good luck with the Cardiologist!!

Spandex King said...

I would bet its the meds making you tired and not the caffeine. My father has this condition and was exhausted when he started his meds. Good luck and you are in my prayers.

Jill said...

Hope all goes well today.

I just wanted to say something about your heart problems. Just in case they do not find out what is wrong - do not rule out hormone imbalance or a pituitary adenoma. My dad had one and it caused multiple problems (irregular heart beats, anemia, decreased sex drive, exhaustion, etc) and a couple days before they were to put a pacemaker in a new doctor sent him for an MRI and the problem was diagnosed.