Monday, January 15, 2007

IMFL video done and my IT band didnt Blow up

First this...

Commodore coming out of the water. Preatty cool eh? I was peeling wet suits so I yanked out the camera when I saw him coming (sorry to those other athletes I missed while filming :})

This video is part of a much larger Tri Geek Ironman Florida video the I finally finished this week. Should have the rest of it up in a few days.

I was watching an Xterra race yesterday on ABC. Preatty cool, Mad Mel finished first as usual. As I watched them pound out the trail run I just looked at Trimama and said "at that point both IT bands blow out of the side of my leg and gush blood like a Quentin Terrantino movie!" Needless to say,I have still been having some issues with my knees when running, but this week was different.

Tuesday 1400 yard swim, 40 minute run, no problems
Wednesday 2.5 hour spin on the bike, long but good.
Thursday 3100 yard swim with speed work. Felt great.
Saturday 1 HOUR 45 MINUTE RUN!!! On treadmill, no knee problems...Yea!

So that was a very encouraging week. I cannot lie, Wildflower cometh and the gulp you just heard means I need to get serious on sticking to my training plan!

Have a good week from your occasional poster :(

Tac out


Flatman said...

That video just rocks. Can't wait to see the full version!

2.5 hours on the trainer...ugh. Nice stamina dude.

Your training is looking good, you are going to do great at Wildflower...

greyhound said...

Way to gear up, bruddah. I've got a groundbreaking IT band article here somewhere. I'll try to find it and send it to you.

greyhound said...

Just watched the vid. Niiiiiiice. Trimama kissing all the tribe is precious, and you totally need to fram the still shot of the guy carrying the flag and reflected in the puddle. Super shot.

Wendy said...

What they said!!!

ironjenny said...

SOOOOO great to hear no knee pain on a run that long... woo-hoo!!
can't wait for the full FL video... ;-)

walchka said...

Nice flick Tac. A nice little teaser til you release the full thing. Can't wait!

tri-mama said...

Xterra-he's worried about gushing blood, and I'm ready to move to Nevada. hmmm. I've seen the rest of the video-it rocks, and makes me cry a little every time.

Fe-lady said...

Very cool video- and with kick-ass music yet! Thanks! I wanna make one someday! :-)

What a great family you have!

Now- an hour and 45 min. on a treadmill is just SOOOOOOO focused that I am truly intimidated!
Glad you are feeling so strong and fit tho!
Oh yea, Wildflower is going to be so much FUN!

Comm's said...

I am humbled to be in the front of you video. My face was so swollen from those goggles glued to my face for almost two hours. I saw it in some other photos but it really stands out in the video.

I do appreciate all the effort you put into commemorating the whole trip. It was one of the best weeks of my life and glad to have shared it with you and the family.

21st Century Mom said...

Nice! Love the video!

I don't know aobut ITB issues but I do know it's time to train for Wildflower - yeeeowh!

Brent Buckner said...

Thanks for sharing that!

Sabra said...

People should read this.