Tuesday, May 01, 2007

6 hours....6 hours?

Apprarently this Saturday I'm doing a 6 hour work out. Well I hope I'm ready. I know your supposed to trust the training and all that, but I now understand how the taper can drive you bonkers.

Strained my hamstring Sunday. Very helpful in pre-race stress/taper. My IT band is still in healing mode from the trail run 10 days ago, so I decided to give aqua-jogging a go. It was awesome. I did two sets of 20 minutes in between two sets of 1000 yards swimming. Came home, felt great and spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house. Sunday morning Trimama and I got up for an early 2 hour bike ride. The ride was to cap off our training and officially welcome in the taper. We didnt ride hard, just nice and steady. When I got home, I sat down read some news and when attemptingto get up my leg literally would not straighten out. Spent the rest of the day in alot of pain, so I iced and rested. Apprently the aqua-jogging totally screwed up an outside portion of my hamstring. Visited my massage therapist yesterday (Thanks Shelly) and spent most of the day fretting about Wildflower and how stupid it was to try a new technique 6 DAYS PRIOR TO A RACE!

Well as of this morning the hamy is much better, still slightly sore, but should be fine by Saturday. Yea!

Packed our bikes last night. Wow I so hope my bike works when I pull it out in California. The way I contorted the thing to get into that box, I swear it cursed me when I closed the lid.

Got a message from Iron Jenny last night. Yeah... she capped her weekend off by riding 62 MILES THEN RAN 22 MILES THE NEXT DAY. She's weird. :) But she's all ours.

Were going to try to set up a posting laptop in our RV this weekend using my verizon broadband account, so hopefully will be able to update our sites with the views and news from Wildflower. Have a great week.

Tac out

6 hour hour race..yikes.


Shelley said...

I heard that your RV is the one that will be rockin this weekend!!!

Wrenching Winz said...

Boxing bikes is an art. If the rv's a rockin dont come a knockin

tarheeltri said...

Seriously consider making ice and ibuprofen your post workout routine. After I strained my achilles two months out from IMFL, someone recommended that I make that the first thing I do after every bike or run workout. Take some "Vitamin I" and ice my achilles whether I thought I needed it or not. I didn't have any issues with it through IMFL, but earlier this year after when I stopped that routine, it flared up again. Probably need someone to look at it now that I think about it. Good luck at Wildflower!!!

momo said...

have fun, tacboy! wildflower should be crazy, i can't wait to hear the stories afterwards. :-) and i know you'll do great - just enjoy every minute.

greyhound said...

From what I hear, finishing in 6 hours on that course is UNlikely.

I think we should try an experiment--how fast can Iron Jenny complete the course with a Greyhound or a small child tied to her back. Sheeesh.

TriSaraTops said...

Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigun said...

Somehow I can't rap my mind around the mighty Taconite Boy doing water aerobics with the jerriatrics...and then getting hurt t'boot. Did you push it just a bit too hard to a rousing rendition of "Song Sung Blue"? You should have asked granny for a spot - at least your cape keeps the sun off your back.

Have a great race, TB!

Tri-Dummy said...

Give me a call on Saturday when you get done...I gave Mama my cellphone number for you last week.

I'll be driving to my 6 hour (hopefully about 5.5) workout in Olathe, Kansas on Saturday. Racing on Sunday.

Sunday...you'll probably be laying in a puddle of your own piddle and hangin' big time. BUT HAVE FUN! :)

Fe-lady said...

You'll do it...with bells on!
Can't wait to meet you and the tribe finally!