Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sea Change

Also the name of a good Beck album (Sorry Dummy, more of Tac Boy's metro sexual music tastes)

This week's recap of the Adventures of Taconite Boy(since posting is apparently as common as Greyhound wearing a normal tie) involves complete career changes and a darn good ride.

Painting and Tac Boy are heading for divorce. She has run my, no, our life for about 17 years and Tacee B is sensing it's time for a change. Trimama has been the best supporter any entrepreneur could ask for, but she has also seen and felt how much of a burden the paining company has been for Tac.

To get right to the point (as superhero's are want to do) painting is not a very profitable product. I just spoke to one of my contractors (Great Company) and he agreed that paining is one of the toughest trades in regards to customer satisfaction that he deals with. Although Paradise Painting has very high standards, the manipulation of liquids as they turn solid can have varied results. Some customers don't get that and at times this costs Tac lots of dough. Another problem is that painting is something many people have done themselves, which creates the mindset that the cost should be low. Once clients see our work, they understand why we charge what we do, but this still affects what we can charge as tradesman. Finally, already low wages have leveled off. Due to many market factors over the last decade including cheap (and illegal) labor and fly by night companies the painting trades have seen a freeze or even decrease in hourly wages. Even in the high end market I have not been able to increase my hourly rate in the last 5 years.

I would appreciate lots prayer right now because trying to determine what direction to go is quite challenging. It feels like Tac has been dropped in the middle of the sea and is wondering where land is. Thankfully, in some prayer time, this awesome passage showed up...

Psalm 114:3-6

3The sea looked and fled; Jordan turned back.

4The mountains skipped like rams, the hills like lambs.

5Why is it, O sea, that you flee? O Jordan, that you turn back?

6 O mountains, that you skip like rams? O hills, like lambs?

7Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob,

8who turns the rock into a pool of water, the flint into a spring of water.

O.K. If God controls the sea, then being in the middle of the ocean is alot like being in his hands.

So what options are out there for a 17 year painter? Two years ago I completed a degree in psychology (marriage and family-see now you know why Trimama rocks so much :) It feels like it's time to put that night schooling to some good use. First I need to figure out which shore I'm swimming to (official triathlon link). Then I plan to combine the qualifications of a degree and long career as a business owner and craft a resume that is tailored to my new vocational direction. Thanks for any thoughts and prayers you have.

Tri Thunder Kraut and I went out for a nearly 4 hour ride early Saturday morning. For him it was the confidence booster needed as he prepares for his first 1/2 IM in two weeks. For me it was good to just go long with a good friend and feel fine. Ironically TTK is my old painting partner. I can't lie that I much prefer spending tri time with him then paint time!

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend, and honor all those who have sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy simple things like Triathlon and not so simple career changes!

Tac out (and in the sea)


Wendy said...

Best of luck as you chart a new course Tac Boy!!

TJ said...

will be praying for you tac.
hope the answers come soon.
nice 4 hour ride!

Bigun said...

TB - Wierd that change seems to be in the air. I've been back and forth with the "business owner" vs. "working for the man" - who knows what the right answer is? After watching this: (thanks to Spokane Al for the link), I can almost definately say that I'm settling in my current business endeavor, but I also know that this is not the last thing I will ever do. Figuring out what you love to do and then being able to go do it, and be successful at it, is a luxury I really think few people are afforded. I wish it upon you, and good luck.

greyhound said...

Tough questions. There don't seem to be any easy ones when you get to this station in life.

Jumper 2.0 said...

"I would appreciate lots prayer right now"

You got it.

Change like that is tough. We often identify ourselves through what we do! Whether that is right or wrong is personal, but regardless, we do it.

How much money is there in being a pro-triathlete? ;-)

Tri Mom said...

You'll be in my prayers. Things aren't always clear to us, but as we search and pray they become clearer to us. Perhaps what your future holds is right in front of you, and it's just not as clear right now. It will come to you. Hang in there, and glad you you enjoyed the 4 hour ride. It's amazing what getting on a bike can do for the sole.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Tac - change is never easy. That doesn't mean it isn't worth the trouble. A degree in psychology in the hands of someone who really cares is a powerful tool that can not only change other's lives for the better but yours too! The road may be tough but it will be well worth the journey.

Fe-lady said...

I am thinking of you and your wonderful family and hope something comes your I am trying to find a way out of my career (and can't seem to!) and you are finding a new path...if there is anything I can do to help let me know. If you want to acclimate to heat you can help me finish painting the outside of my house (I was supposed to finish it over winter break!) and you can stay here, I will pay you and feed you too! :-) Just a thought, however silly.....

Fe-lady said...

I just went to your business website...what gorgeous work you do. I would hire you in a have made some wonderful living spaces for people!
Hope you can still make this seems as if you have blood, sweat and tears invested in this for many years!

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

I think Timmy and I passed you riding on HWY 6 on Saturday. We were heading toward Watertown and you must have already been on your way back. Glad you had a good ride!

Will keep you in my prayers.

tarheeltri said...

Their is opportunity in change... keep your mind open to new ideas and things off the beaten path. I'll be praying for your guys!

Tri-Dummy said...


stronger said...

The psychology of picking the right color paint to enhance your life...most people have a hard time picking the color so you could travel around doing color consultations based on personality disorders and sneak a few races in extravagant places.

...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Your blog says to me that you are already listening to Him, and listening very closely. This is the best place to be. God never withholds His wisdom from those truly seeking it. But you know that already. Thanks for letting us in on this part of your life. As I read the comments I see numerous others glad to remember you before the Father. Me too. So it remains only to wait a little until the sky opens up. With you on the trail... Henry

Iron Pol said...

The prayer list is filling up. Add one Tac Boy career, complete with prayers for the Tribe during the transition (this makes T-1 and T-2 look like a cake walk).

Lots of things going on in people's lives. You've always had your head on straight and everyone you meet is amazed by who you are. You'll do fine.

Tri-Trainee said...

three cheers for a beck reference!