Thursday, May 31, 2007

Did you tell them I'm doing an Ironman?

Apparently Trimama's heroic like status knows no bounds. She helped out at the grade school track meet today, and was approached by multiple parents who inquired about her adventures in triathlon and if it was true that she was an Ironman.

"Did you tell them I'm doing an Ironman?"

"ahh...Yeah I think so"

"You think so!"

"Yeah, I did, I told Mr. Shields about my experience and then mentioned you were training for Wisconsin."

It's fun to tell people your training for an Ironman. It seems like a part of the whole training experience. No, it's absolutely part of it. Tacee B has enjoyed talking to people about the challenges of the race, but not just for his own pride. The joy of encouraging them that if I am doing one of these then they can for sure start exercising.

An example of this is one of Tac's good friends, who is about 300 pounds, but has been steadily losing weight. Tac's Ironman adventure is rubbing off on him. He swore last year he would never do a sprint. Last month, after we talked about finishing Wildflower, he committed to join me in doing LifeTime Triatlon in 2008.

What are some of your unexpected benefits from training for an Ironman?

Tac out


Brent Buckner said...

There's a lot to be said for showing a good example!

tarheeltri said...

From all my IM blabbering on my blog, I got a rocking job as an editor of an endurance sports magazine!!! Each month we try to inspire people to start exercising not just for tri's but cycling and running, too.

Personally, I inspired one person in my neighborhood to do a triathlon... he'll be riding my OCR2 from IM FL at his first tri June 9th.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Tac - you ARE a super hero. You have transformed yet another easy going couch potato into a motorin' endurance athlete. You probably helped him add years to his life too!

Bill said...

As the "crusty old guy" at work (I'm only 38), I've now got a bunch of the young 20-something's coming up and asking for advice on bikes to buy and what sprint tri's to race.

Oh, and for the first time in my life, I have a chest! :D

tri-mama said...

You're doing an ironman?

Bigun said...

Time now for another Amazing Adventure of Taconite Boy! We bring you to the near future where your favorite super hero is in the process of signing autographs...

Little Kid: Taconite Boy, when I get older, I want to be just like you!

TB: Well thank you little buckaroonie, and don't you forget that you, too, can be an Ironman just like me.

Little Kid: Wow, you mean you are an Ironman? Gosh, can I see your tatoo?

TB: Sorry stillwetbehindtheears, but your meager human instruments couldn't penetrate my Taconite skin, and alas, I am without an M-Dot tatoo.

Little Kid: But I thought all Ironman had a tatoo - gosh Taconite Boy, that sure does suck.

TB: You're not kidding, smackcakes, but never fear, I'll be taking a trip to TACON soon to get a microchip implant, and while they are at it, I'll get my coveted tatoo.

Little Kid: Jeepers, Taconite Boy, can I come with you?

TB: Sorry, whippersnaper, but your meager human tissues and whatnot would never withstand the trip - no go, go and ride your bike below your LT for two hours followed by a 30 minute brick run - and then you, too, will someday be an Ironman - just like Taconite Boy!

rocketpants said...

Friends will refer to me as "triathlete girl" and come to me with their exercise questions because of this 'title'.

Out of many conversations about triathlons and running I convinced a few of my friends to run their first 5K with me. Through the process I was able to encourage them through the training and run it with them. It was so rewarding to help them achieve a goal that in the beginning they were so hesitant to set out to do. One of the best parts of discovering triathlons is sharing with others the fun of it all and encouraging them to do their first tri or train for a 5K.

Bolder said...

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