Sunday, May 13, 2007

Here Comes Tri-Dummy

Watch out Minnesota tri-community, Tri-Dummy is heading up this week. Apprently he has a work related appointment up here and is going to spend the last part of the weekend with us. I'm looking forward to meeting my IMMOO 07 brother. I think we have some good Gear West activities planned for him, if he's tri-enough for it.

Looking forward to it bro

Tac Out

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Bigun said...

Time for another superlative espisode of the Amaizing Adventures of Taconite Boy. We bring you now to the Gear West Duathlon already in progress:

Tri-Dummy: Ahhh, TB - it's my birthday, did you know that?

TB: For the 87th time, yes, I did.

Trimama: Dummy, we have a big cake waiting for you at the finish line...

Tri-Dummy: Tanks - hey, T-mama, did you know it's my birthday?

TB: I cannot take another minute of this! I'll use my super tri-powers to Mensa-nize my good friend Tri-Dummy...

TB reaches over, still in perfect aero bike form, and spreads his fingers, sending beams of super-smart Mensa powers to his good, yet stupid, friend Tri-Dummy. The transformation is instant...

Tri-Dummy: Egads, my HR is in Zone 7, well above my IM LT! I'll just increase my cadence by shifting into my 53-17 gear, lowering my PE to acceptable levels (on, and on, and on)...

TB: Good thing is, he's not talking about his birthday anymore.

Trimama: I think I liked him the other way.

Tri-Dummy said...

I'm so honored right now. Tac goes to all the trouble of CREATING a cartoon about the Dumbster AND Bigun includes ME in the recent Taconite Boy episode!

It's like it's my BIRTHDAY!

Oh, my birthday is on Saturday, not Friday.

It's the day after Friday. The 19th of May. I'll be in Minnesota. On a Saturday. Celebrating my birthday. May 19th. The day I was born, thus, my birthday. Birthday, Birthday, Birthday. Yeah for me, it'll be my birthday! Saturday, May 19th.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I have a question...does anyone know what day is Tri Dummy's Birthday? Could you let me know when you find out? Thanks.

Taconite Boy said...

You told me so many times I messed up the day...sorry Sunday....Sunday it is.

Tri-Dummy said...

Hey Tac. You got the day wrong again. It's Saturday, May 19th.

Go Dummy. It's your burfday. We're gonna pardee like its your burfday.

Jumper 2.0 said...

Have fun everybody. I didn't know about the Gear West event until I came across Tri-Dummy's site a week or so ago!

I would love to join you guys and introduce myself as a future triathlete joining the Minnesotan tri-community, but alas, I have to work this weekend!

Thats ok, I have training to do anyway. Lots of training.