Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random thoughts

When the week involves less project management and desktop time and more hands on painting, then posting is out the cyber window. Tac boy may have superpowers, but he has not developed the surgically implanted MacBook...he'll wait for Bigun to work on that one.

No Wildfower post race report, o.k. here it goes.

Swim-hard, slow, panicked and frustratingly painful (still have major scars from chaffing of suit)

Bike-Beautiful, difficult and glad to be done with. Tac boy's amazingly low heart rate zones(thanks heart meds!) were kept in check though and that was a good sign.

Run-Slow, totally fun (with the mama) and rewarding!(the finish)

WIBA WEBA...what ever. Tac Boy is in. He's decided that the opportunity to hang with Greyhound, Chivalry Chris, Tri-thunder Kraut and all the other bloggy friends is too rare to pass up. So fear not WIBA participants your superhero is available for the weekend. Although Iron Wil's philosophy lessons on the 6 hour bike may cause Tac Boy to become confused for he is a bit slow to complex philosophical ponderings.

Met the very kinetic Tri-Dummy on Wednesday night. He's a total kickin good time. The plan is to crash a local tri-birthday party tonight. Pictures of the criminal activity should be posted soon.

Race the Du tomorrow. Taking the run portion easy, hit the bike a little harder and back to easy run. :)

Have a good weekend!

Tac out


stronger said...

That's a nice format for future race report- straight and to the point!

TJ said...

you've gotta try the desoto wetsuits tac. i've had zero chaffing with mine.
good luck in the du!

Comm's said...

it was pretty special to see you and mama come in together.

TriSaraTops said...

Wish I could head to WIBA this year! Have fun and say hi to everyone!

Awesome that you and TriMama got to cross the finish line together. You guys rock.

Bigun said...

You'll have to make a trip to your home planet, Tacon, to get surgery - our "human" medical blades and instruments are too feeble to have any success with you.