Friday, June 08, 2007

Liberty Triathlon

"Is dinner on yet?"

Tac Boy inquires of the Trimama when he got home Friday evening.

"No, I just got home myself"

"Ohhh, Honey Tac needs to eat NOW." (Yes, Trimama does hear Tac speak to her in third person)


"Strategic unloading dear, Tac's not a real happy hero when he's gotta lighten the load on the course"

Anyone else out there have strategic poop syndrome? The disorder which causes TB to stress from early morning the day before the race about how to time the bowl movements.

Liberty Triathlon-Long Course

Tac woke up early with Mama, loaded the bikes up and headed out west of the metro to Lake Independance for his second, and hopefully more enjoyable, 1/2 Ironman. Liberty is a wonderfully small race, although many of the participants are serious age groupers. The morning was beautiful with bright sunny skies and calm waters. We met up with Tri Thunder Kraut and headed to transition. Here's the overall summary of my race...

Swim- 34 minutes in relatively calm waters. Jumped right in the thick of the group just to practice for the IMMOO swim. That time was good for Tac, a very encouraging swim.

Bike- 2:59 on a very windy and hilly course (no where near Wildflower though). Average speed of 18.7, TAC VERY HAPPY WITH THIS.

Run- 2:19, 10:39 min/mile. O.K. Not as excited about that time, mostly due to a lack of good run training because of the IT Band. NO IT BAND PROBLEMS! Less blood spurting out of the knee caps is always encouraging.

Overall finish time of 6:01. That's a PR over Wildflower by ONE HOUR.

Trimama finished her olympic in good form. We saw each other several times on the bike and once on the run. TTK also finished with a huge smile on his face. Congrats friend on your first 1/2 IRONMAN!

One week off and then begins the 12 week bridge to Ironman plan...Let's get it on!

Tac out


tri-mama said...

Yea, you did it!

TriJack said...

congratulations tac! dude you are speedy in the water... nice pr!

Bigun said...

Cranking! enjoy the week off and come back ready to ramp it up, hero!

Wendy said...

Congratulations Tac Boy!!!

Brent Buckner said...


Base fitness + bridge plan = good stuff.

Congrats on the PR!

trinick said...

Great Job on doing your best out there and improving on your PR. I hope the cheering we (Laura, Jenny, Tim and I) gave you out on the bike course fueled your bike ride to T2. Enjoy this week and then start working on putting it together for IMWI!

Siren said...

To answer your question... yes. That particular syndrome causes much concern on this particular triathlete's race mornings.

(Great race, btw!)

Iron Pol said...

Congrats on the PR. And that's not just a PR, that's blowing the doors off the previous best.

Put that in the bank for IMMOO use.

tarheeltri said...

Solid race, Tac. Good job on the run... a great run time in a 70.3 race isn't necessary when you're gunning for an IM!

Comm's said...

I'm sorry... there was a race? I'm still on the poop humor.

Fe-lady said...

Wow...I am impressed with the are sure looking strong and seem very confident!
You are certainly going to do well at IMOO!