Friday, June 29, 2007

The Adventures of Taconite Boy-Weekend Edition

Taconite boy spent most of his afternoon pouring through his emails. Most of these citizen contacts were emploring his help in upcoming tri events. Typical, run of the mill, tri-superhero kind of requests...

Susie Tri babe writes.."Would you be willing o' superstud to visit our tri and use your super heated laser vision to dry the bike course because of predicted rain."

LT Larry wrote..."Tac wonder, could you come out to our course this weekend. Because of such rough bike course conditions, we need your spidy like carbon spewing wrists to repair frame/forks on the fly."

Tac Boy realized there were just too many requests for next weekend to fulfill all of his duties. He was going to need help. Batman could count on Robin, Tacboy knows he can count on...

Ring Ring Ring

"Tac Boy!"

"Tri-Turbo Kraut! Too many requests this weekend my loyal sidekick, I'm going to double team all these requests"

"But Tac, Havent you heard who escaped lock up?"

"Not a word, who?!"

"None other then....."

Bigun it's all yours


Bigun said...

wow, when you just tee it up for me like that - the pressure's on! Thanks TB!

Bigun said...

...and then a brilliant light beamed across the moonless sky.

TB - look Tri-Turbo Kraut, it's the TacoBeacon!

TTK - I see it, ya big lug - what about the recently escaped convict Tr...

TB - not now, my little blonde Krautie-poo, we have a more urgent mission! To the Tacocave!

TTK - What cave, Gu-for-brains?

TB - The basement, oh Master-Race'd One, and hushnay on the no cave-ay, capishe?

Our heros run at IM pace+ to the basement to get on the Tacommunicator to the Chief...

TB - Chief! How can we be of service?

Chief - First, TB, keep in mind that you don't choose the race, the race chooses you - we have an imminent bonk with possible tears in Boulder, get in your Trimobile and high-tail it right over here ASAP, eh?

TB - Wilco, Chief, Turbo-Hunn and I will be right there!...Honey, fire up the mini-v...I mean, Tri-mobile!

Tri-Turbo Kraut - But what about Tr..

Chief: What's she talking about?

TB - I don't know, chief...ever since the wall came down, she hasn't been herself.

Chief: Just get up here, fast - eh!

Coach Tammy said...

Um, you have 'carbon spewing wrists'???? Did you NOT hear about my 'bike on roof meets Starbucks drive-thru overhang' incident? I NEED YOU'RE POWERS!!!