Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nutrition Answers

Thank you everyone who gave feedback about Tac's nutrition question. A few observations.

1. According to Bolder, McDonald's should be the main source of fat/protein on long training/races. Which means the two double cheeseburgers at my midway point on the IMMOO course! Sweet!

2. Commodore has a grand theory regarding a Valentines day/Hallmark card conspiracy, so the fact that protein laced fuels are a Hammer/Accelarade conspiracy theory is quite consistent. Hey Comm, watch out for those black helicopters!

3. Speaking of secret theories, Tri-Dummy has a 'top secret' pooping method...who knew?

4. Trimama's smorgasbord approach makes Tac sick just thinking about it.

What can be concluded is that protein and fat is apparently not necessary on endurance training. This article details the results of new research as of 2006. Although it should be noted, Comm you'll love this, the whole study was funded by Gatorade. Shoot, maybe he's right. The plan is to continue with Carbo-Pro and try different bars during the run, just to keep things interesting for the taste buds.

Trimama and Tac went to a silent auction last night. The event was the Leukemia and Lymphoma societies awards night for power fund raisers. Our friend Tri-Stud has been nominated for Man of the Year for his philanthropic achievements. Mama and Tac ended up winning the auction for a bunch of Chipotle scwag....How can you go wrong there? We hung with Iron Girl Nyhus and her mom. The night ended at Iron Jenny's, who also held a fund raiser at her home.

The rest of this weekend holds for Taconite boy a lot of Saturday afternoon cleaning and making the tribe into a personal wait staff.

"Hyphen girl! the coffee mug needs filling."

"Chopper! Where's my paper"

Ohh.. Tac takes sick pleasure on Fathers day...hehehe

Tac out


21stCenturyMom said...

Day-um! You 2 look smokin' hot in that picture!

Bigun said...

You are going to have to get Trimama "on board" if you are going to continue to try and keep a low profile when NOT being a Superhero type. Smoking hot red dress = lots and lots of attention. How could you possibly sneak away unknowingly to change into your TB garb when EVERYONE is checking out you and the MRS? Really, let's work on this a bit, OK?

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

What a great picture of you two!!!
Happy father's Day!

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Hey there.... can you send me some of the pics from the other night? :) Good to see you guys!

Brent Buckner said...

Bask in your day!

Tri-Dummy said...

Happy Faddah's Day, Brother.

The word of the day:


Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

who is that skinny guy with trimama?

Wendy said...

What a good lookin' couple!

Hope you enjoyed Dad's Day.

stronger said...

Whit-whew! Hot lookin' couple! Mama looks good in red!

Bolder said...

ha! only problem is trying to shove the Big Macs into those tiny tri-pockets!!

GRRREAT shot of the two of you!!!

Fe-lady said...

You guys look so "un-triathlete-like"- Fancy schmancy! And cute too!

Comm's said...

This 3rd person stuff is great. Thanks for remembering my Halmark/Hersey Industrial Complex rant. Its not a conspiracy. I know you go home one a year and say, "Hey babe? I was at the store and the Christmas stuff is out. Its Columbus Day. Can we get fricking past Halloween and the ghosts and costumes before putting out the Red and White stocking and candy?"