Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nutrition Question?

I have worked hard the last 5 months to figure out a good nutrition plan for my race. For carb needs I find this product awesome. It was recommended to me by the folks at GearWest as the product they use the most. I use salt tablets for electrolyte needs and substitute Hammer Gel when I want some variety.

Yet I have a questions for my bloggy friends. I need to figure out something to add on workouts that extend beyond 3-4 hours that gives me the proper fat/protein that I need for endurance work outs. I'd rather not switch to Perpetuem or that type of drink, but some sort of energy bar to supplement my Carbo-Pro.

Open to any suggestions!

Tac out (and lookin for protein)


Bigun said...

I'm an Accelerade fan - already mixed with the right amounts of protien - I seem to be able to consume copious amounts of the gel, so that's all I mess with for long events.

Shelley said...

I have been using can customize it to anything you like..want more sodium?..just add that..want more protein?..add that too..I love it.

Bolder said...


who says you need fat?/protein for enduruance workouts?


i use a bevy of products for training: CarboPro, Accelerade, PowerBar Endurance, Gatorade Endurance, flat Coke, flat Dr. Pepper, flat Mountain Dew and of course PowerBar Gels and Succeed Sodium capsules... i rotate them to avoid taste fatigue -- cause you don't want to be sick of something on race day...

some have protein, some do not -- none have any fat! for me, i have a target of 300 calories/hour... that's it... doesn't matter the make up...

momo said...

i can't do accelerade when i work out - the protein makes me have to um, go - if you know what i mean.

i mix carbo-pro with a scoop of powdered gatorade endurance for my long bikes. that and gel is all i can stomach.

did you have your vo2max done? that test should give you the number of calories per hour you need on the bike/run, so mine is between 250 - 300. with the liquid calories in the carbo-pro/gatorade mix and the gel, i'm right there.

the trick is to find something that you like, that works and that you can stomach for hours on end!

oh, and i gave up on the enduralyte salt tabs, i just use plain old salt - in the packets you get at mcdonalds (see, i'm right there with you there at the double arches, bold!).

tarheeltri said...

I've just read something from Gatorade that says protein during long workouts can inhibit digestion after a certain amount of time. I've always used Perpeteum (which has protein) which worked fine for me for every event under 6 hours... after that I start to feel like its just sitting in my stomach... I'm going protein-less in my HIM this September. I actually noted this in my after-action report of IMFL. At the time I thought most people's stomach's shut down after a certain point... now I'm thinking its the protein.

Comm's said...

Umm, yeah. Don't worry about protein during your long training. Accelerades study are a complete fabrication to create a marketing scheme. A healthy and balanced diet during the entire week will provide you will all the nutrition in protein you will need in training.

Carbo Pro is great stuff. I used it in Florida. One bottle for the ride had 2100 calories in it. 60% of that was carbo pro.

If you don't want to buy an extra solution to mix in like gatorade or powerbar or whatever, since your taking salt tabs already, you can just squeeze in some lemon juice or use kool aid.

Endurolytes makes a powdered form to add to bottles instead of popping pills.

Plus if your really into maltrodextrin (carbo pro) I can help you save some money. Carbo pro come 3 pounds for $20. I got a link for 5 pounds for $8. $13 with shipping.

Tri-Dummy said...

Accelerade fan...tastee with Powerbars.

I have a poop remedy for you, but it's top secret...give me a call.

TJ said...

i've tried everything from accelerade to mustard and cheese sandwiches. i've found what works best for me is gatorade endurance and carb-boom gels. one bottle of ge and one gel (followed with water) per hour (about 350 cals) does the trick.

tri-mama said...

I can't help but notice no one has listed the Trimama "eat what sounds good at the time" option.