Sunday, July 01, 2007

Part 2

...and then a brilliant light beamed across the moonless sky.

TB - look Tri-Turbo Kraut, it's the TacoBeacon!

TTK - I see it, ya big lug - what about the recently escaped convict Tr...

TB - not now, my little blonde Krautie-poo, we have a more urgent mission! To the Tacocave!

TTK - What cave, Gu-for-brains?

TB - The basement, oh Master-Race'd One, and hushnay on the no cave-ay, capishe?

Our heros run at IM pace+ to the basement to get on the Tacommunicator to the Chief...

TB - Chief! How can we be of service?

Chief - First, TB, keep in mind that you don't choose the race, the race chooses you - we have an imminent bonk with possible tears in Boulder, get in your Trimobile and high-tail it right over here ASAP, eh?

TB - Wilco, Chief, Turbo-Hunn and I will be right there!...Honey, fire up the mini-v...I mean, Tri-mobile!

Tri-Turbo Kraut - But what about Tr..

Chief: What's she talking about?

TB - I don't know, chief...ever since the wall came down, she hasn't been herself.

Chief: Just get up here, fast - eh!

(posted by Bigun)

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