Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Pics from Colorado...

Tri-Dummy, Sascha and Trimama talking over carbo dinner before Triple By-Pass

Kahuna and Mama bringing Tac his refreshments

Chopper leading the troops up the mountain

Climbing at Copper Mountain

Hangin with (L to R) Soapinator, Superpounce, Hypen-Girl and Swinging Girl

The Tribe minus Hypen (Mama knows the Iron Swag makes Tac all bothered)

Colorado was good. Very good. Quite mornings at Starbucks with Mama, afternoon climbs up the sides of mountains and lots of time just hangin around with the kids. Not to mention Blogger reunion 2007 part 2. Seeing so many bloggers at WIBA, then flying out west to meet up with so many more was quite the rockin time. One night out we were all discussing the uncofortable conversations we have had with friends who find meeting up with people "we met on the internet" a very odd past time. We concluded...who freakin cares, we all love these new friendships!

Up next...Bubble Butt Discussion time.

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Fe-lady said...

Great photos! Bubble butts=strong!