Tuesday, July 03, 2007

HD Destruction-Part 4

The Chief's door flies open with a "bang" and in run Taconite Boy and his trusty workout partner Tri-Turbo Kraut (their HR's well below LT)...

Chief: It's about time you got here - what took so long, eh?

Taconite Boy: It's Tri-Piddler, Chief, and he's escaped - he knows my weakness - he hit me with HD.

Chief: "HD"? HD? That's it? Snap out of it, TB, we've got work to do! (eh)

Looking over the Chief's shoulder, TB spies a 50" flatscreen plasma sporting crystal clear high definition ESPN (the TDF, no less)...TB goes into a trance.

Chief: TB...TB!

Tri-turbo Kraut - there he goes again, it's the HD, that damn Piddler!

Chief: Well do something, missy!

TTK pulls a 16oz water bottle from his utility belt (full of a special accelerade/gatoraide/cytomax mix) and throws it full force at the TV, smashing the screen into little HD bits...Taconite Boy instantly snaps out of it.

Chief: What the HE-double-hockey-sticks...TB, who's going to pay for this; that TV was $4,000 Canadian!?!?!

TB: C'mon Chief, you got every toy made, two bikes, both top of the line carbon, high end coffee maker, the grill of grills (angel choir singing in the background), house smak dab in the middle of triathlon-central - you can afford a new TV and you know it. Now where's the crybaby bonk artist?

(posted by Bigun)


Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

you guys need to lay off the 'srooms. and you can't get HD because it will leave you no money for the iPhone.

Fe-lady said...

You guys are crazy...but that's why we love 'ya! (Is this what IM training does to one's brain eventually?)

Tri-Dummy said...

This just keeps gettin better.


Don't forget to call me on Saturday.

Bigun said...

The Chief, sifting through pieces of his newly-smashed HD TV, wipes a tear from his eye and points to the super-secret MEDAL ROOM.

Chief: My Superhero friends, go to the Medal Room and grab my IMFL'06 Finisher's Medal...do it, hurry, eh?!

TB: This must be serious - to the Medal Room!

Tri-Turbo Kraut: Golly, look at all these trophys and Medals - but what's with the bed and this hidden video camera...nevermind...here it is, the venerated IMFL'06 Finisher's Medal - wow, it's heavy...

TB - Chief, we have it! Now what?

Chief: Take it to Madison, quick, hurry - there's a guy there named "Stu"...he was reading my race reports and training stats, and I could hear him crying from Boulder.

Taconite Boy: Chief, this doesn't seem as important as Tri-Piddler; I just know he's busy hatching an incideous plot to thwart me...

Chief: TB! Who calls the shots around here? Get to Madison, NOW, eh!